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First Posse list... how does it look?

Here's a quick one I threw together based on the models I have on-hand at the moment. I still need to pick up a few additional minis for the Tombstone posse (among others on my shopping list)

Lawmen Posse (1500 points):

Boss: Wyatt Earp on Iron Horse (320)
1. Missie Copelie & Rabecca Copelie (265)
2. 2x Ranger Interceptor (180)
3. 3x Deputized Sharpshooters (135)
4. Doc Holiday & 3x Deputized Gunslingers (310)
5. Grace Myrtle (125)
6. 3x UR-30 Lawbot (165)

Total: 1500
Total Fortune: 6

A good mix of mobility, firepower, and some objective holders as well.

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