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Watchers 1000 Pt List

edited May 2017 in Watchers


Based on the Starter Set and two blisters, here's my first list:

Viridian Alpha 250
6 Grey Pulse Myriad with Heavy Drain Rifle 165
OnyX Beta 145
Cerulean Prime 135
5 Gray Drain Myriad 125
Icterine Engineer 140
2 Scarab Myriad 40

The idea is to steadilly advance in two groups, with the Cerulean Prime copying the profile of the Onyx Beta while at range to snipe at bosses, and switching to the Viridian Alpha once up close. I gave the Grays a Heavy Drain Rifle as it applies Disorder and has two shots, so the condition should appear more often.

I am concerned with the fragility of the faction, but that has to be seen on the table.

I will explore a variation of the list, swapping out the Icterine Engineer for a Cerulean Vixen to have a more aggressive board presence.


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