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NEW June & July Releases available for Pre-Order NOW

There are two new resin miniatures on their way for release on the 24th of June, Legendary Walks Looking and Legendary Viridian Alpha, and one new resin miniature and two plastic kits for release on the 29th July, Legendary Marie Laveau, K9 Attack Dogs and K9 Gun Dogs. Take a look below to see them in all their glory, these are now up for pre-order from you local stockists or online.


The Viridian Alpha is larger than its more numerous Locust kin. Its powerfully muscled frame is covered with a gnarled hide complemented with additional armour plates that incorporate various alien devices and defensive systems. It wields the Viridian Staff, a symbol of office and deadly weapon able to cleave a man in twain with a single blow. Mounted on the Viridian Alpha’s shoulders is a Reaper Array sporting two independently targeting energy weapons of formidable power.

Pre-Order Legendary Viridian Alpha now Online or at your local stockist for £20.99


Purified and restored to her people, Walks Looking is a powerful leader of the Warrior Nation. Though not fully trusted and resented by those who have lost loved ones to her tainted past, Walks Looking has led the Warrior Nation to many victories. Having lost none of her prodigious power but now unable to feel love or other strong emotions Walks Looking has a personal quest to find the demon Wicasasni. A quest to reclaim the lost half of her soul and free those who have fallen to Wicasasni’s corrupting influence.

Pre-Order Legendary Walks Looking now Online or at your local stockist for £18.99


As part of the Dark Council, Marie Laveau is invigorated by the power of the Hex and is the oldest servant of the Stygian Fragment of the Hex in the Americas and this boosts the potency of her own innate powers. While abroad Marie Laveau dons her glamour to bewitch and beguile the men and women she has dealings with. None can see past her deception as her magic is strong though there are those of sufficient wit or power that may see not the shadow of a beautiful woman thrown out by fire or moonlight but the writhing tentacles of her true form. In recent years Marie has had dealings with the Confederate Rebellion, aiding them when their goals have aligned. Though the rebels do not appreciate her true nature or form.

Pre-Order Legendary Marie Laveau now Online or at your local stockist for £29.99


Though the secrets of their manufacture were eventually given over to the Union by the defector Nikolai Tesla the Enlightened were unwilling to allow a rival to have access to superior technology so created a new K9 model, the H311, colloquially known as ‘the gun dog’. Built to serve as guardians to the heavily fortified Promethean Complexes this up armoured and more heavily armed version of the K9 sacrifices speed for armour and boasts a Gatling gun as well as the standard issue steel jaws. A pack of these beasts is more than a match for even a hardened unit of men with the weight of fire they can lay down. The gun dog also benefits for more advanced cranial engines enhanced with predictive modules that are programmed to mimic aggressive animal behaviour patterns whilst allowing for intuitive target requisition.

Pre-Order K9 Gun Dogs now Online or at your local stockist for £16.99


The K9 Attack Dog is fast and strong, able to traverse uneven terrain at speed and knock down a fully grown man. It is controlled with simple voice commands that are pre-programmed factory settings though unscrupulous engineers have been known to hack and reprogram K9’s with custom behavioural routines. K9 Attack Dogs are armed with pneumatic steel jaws that can close with more force than a bear trap. This is more than capable of severing a limb though a specific command is required to switch to this more powerful setting.

Pre-Order K9 Attack Dogs now Online or at your local stockist for £10.99

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