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Melee in 2.0

Hi All,

Played my 2nd game recently, playing as warrior nation again. Took a more melee heavy list this time, and unfortunately ive got to say melee felt rather lackluster.

My boss for the posse was walks looking. She killed 1 member of a hand unit, but due to spacing had nobody in range afterwards without having to spend another 2 AP to get in and attack. Afterwards she went after stonewall jackson, and even when using attuned just did nothing.

With my hand units of youngbloods getting close and using revolver fan felt like a much better option than going into melee. Even when i knew i would be fishing for crits on the pistol shots.

I do prefer the characters in 2.0 over the unstoppable killing machines of 1.0 but feel that melee characters are a bit lacking.

How has everyone else been finding melee so far in 2.0?


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