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Legendary character [beta version 2.005]

Bosses with basic and legendary profiles:

Carpathian is nicely varied - basic is a support peace, the Leg is a walking murder weapon

Legendary wyatt earp is a killing machine while regular wyatt is more of a resilient boss
Morgan Earp in Leg is an expansion on the "Tough-nut-to-crack" theme, but with a vengeaful streak

Elita Nura's (Order) Leg is like the basic version but more focused on melee (Murderous) and better at manouvering (Smoke grenades and portals)

Leg Jesse James gets the usual Legendary stats, exchanges Mounted for Rapid, and get's smoke grenades, loses revolver fan but gets Lethal on a crit

Basic Tesla supports constructs with Repair, provides a portal (Hexalith), and can get involved in short-ranged firefights
Legendary Tesla is super-tanky, more manoueverable with Magnetic attraction, and has a ranged attack that messes with machines

Walks Looking and her Legendary versions are two variations on a melee theme:
Basic WL is able to get into combat faster with Advance and Agile
Leg WL has Elusive and Inspirational as well as Rapid, so she can move around better later in the game, and prefers to stick around with her posse

Ghost Wolf basic is a tactical support piece with some melee potential, while Leg Ghost Wolf is a combat monster with higher resilience

Viridian Prime
the differences are L4, Fortune 5, a ranged weapon with a higher RoA but with the Heavy trait, and the Legendary version is on a Large base, so it can be shot from anywhere

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