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Good morning fellow Westerns,

I might have a stupid question.
Why don't we have any "normal/standard" horses?

I perfectly understand that the ride of choice is anything that has RJ-1027 technology fitted but I honestly can't see that a whole Posse that is giving chase to another Posse is only using RJ-1027 technology rides.

Any ideas?

Chris PH


  • I thought that too, not all western townsfolk can afford RJ-1027 technology, If it can't be a normal/standard Horse what about a UR-3? Horse ?, you don't need to feed it just recharge it, it still acts like a normal horse, it flinches when it here's a gun short or a load noise and then make a Grit test to test its nerves, if it fails it bolts in a random/safe direction.

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