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My thoughts on the current Beta.

Hey Guys,

Ok, so after having a couple of games with friends, i have a few issues with the current beta.

1, Fortune as AP; while i like the premise of the idea, i find that its a little on the power play side, in such that against armies with little Fortune (i play Warrior Nation, usually run Irontooth and Alcon, which gives me 4 Fortune), struggle to match say against The Watchers (Veridian Alpha is nuts.) who usually have a larger Fortune pool.

So what i suggest is maybe instead of 1-1 (Fortune - AP), possibly it would be better to be 2-1 or 3-1 (Fortune - AP), as i feel it would stop certain Bosses/Armies being able to dominate. And while they are restricted by Action Limit, can still lend its self to power plays. Or have a limit of how many times per Unit this can be done (for example; Once per Activation.)

  1. Decapitate; Decapitate seems to be in direct conflict with Lethal (Manhunter Bow - Lethal, Complex - Crit hit gains Decapitate), as you can't force a re-roll to re-roll, needs changing.

  2. Booby Trap Strategic; I really like this idea, but its current version doesn't make sense, as it has the Undercover special rule (so moves on from your opponents table edge, but it has no Quick value and the Immobile special rule (cant make move or charge actions), so seemingly renders it useless. A better option would be if it conferred 2 Booby Trap Counters ( 1 False 1 Trap), these have the Dispersed Deployment special rule, and are triggered when an enemy model advances to within 2" of them, also reduce pts cost to 50pts.

4.Forceful Strike; This unit may spend an additional AP to double the PRC of any single Strike action, does this stack with Attuned? (if so gives PRC -8 to Irontooth etc) seems a bit too much if so.

  1. Irontooth; Needs to be 4 fortune in my opinion to keep him inline with most Bosses.

6.Shield Aura; Possibly needs rewording to - At the start of the units activation, it may spend 1 AP and forgo any Move/Charge Action to gain +2 Grit for the remainder of the turn.

  1. Raging Bear; Needs to be 4 fortune maybe put points cost up to 235pts.

  2. Warrior Nation Braves; Points cost is too steep at 65 per model, especially considering The Watchers get Grey Pulse Myrad at 45pts, which ignore the 1st point of PRC and have ROA 3.

9.Higher Ground; Find the ruling for Higher Ground confusing to be honest, in my opinion offers very little in terms of advantage to whoever is on the Higher Ground, how a 30mm base model all of a sudden becomes XXL an visible to all makes no sense to me, (I had Alcon on a roof of a building being hit by a Grey Elite, which could only see the top of his torso due to being almost at the back of the building, so seemingly offereing no advantage to being on the roof)

  1. Moving through own Units; Can't seem to find any clarification on whether or not a Unit can move through another Unit by overlapping bases (I would assume NOT).

11.Spirit Walker & Spirit Definition; Can't seem to findf any clarification on the benefits for having the Spirit Walker or the Spirit Trait.

I think that's it for now lol, really loving the game on a whole, just sincerely hope it becomes something that will be long lasting and would love to see it in a tournament setting.


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